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Cell Phone Use By The Numbers

It is hard to believe the first commercial mobile phone was released in 1983. Then, 20 years later the first smartphone hit the market followed by the Apple iPhone’s debut in 2008. Billions of people use their cell phone every day. As cell phone technology and cell phone use has taken off over the last 20 years, so has the increased number of accidents that are being caused by their use.

Most drivers say they understand the dangers of texting and driving. If this is the case, why is it that at least one-third of those drivers admit that they have sent or read a text message while they are actively driving?

Texting And Driving Is Dangerous

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States with approximately 10 percent of those accidents being fatal. Texting and driving is just one of many distractions’ drivers have when they get behind the wheel of their car. It is also one of the most dangerous accounting for roughly 25 percent of all automobile accidents.

Texting and driving not only puts the driver at risk, but it also puts their passengers, pedestrians and other drivers at risk every time they pick up their cell phone – and it is illegal. The decision to read or send a text while driving can result in an accident that causes injury or even death.

Hiring An Experienced Accident Attorney

The attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett believe that drivers who put others at risk while texting and driving should be held accountable for their actions. Our team has handled many texting and driving cases. With each, our firm’s goal is to help victims of texting and driving accidents receive the compensation they may be entitled to for injuries they, or their loved ones, have sustained due to the negligence of the texting driver.

Put our team of attorneys to work for you. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a driver who was texting and driving, call us today at 252-787-4632 to schedule your free consultation.

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