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On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Farming Accidents

Farming can be thankless and tireless work. Farmers work all day in all types of weather conditions to provide people with the food and products they need to live. Then, when it comes times to use your farm equipment public roadways, you actually get to see very little appreciation for the work that you are doing.

Drivers become annoyed and get impatient. Things can get dangerous when they drive you or try to pass you paying little attention. While there is nothing you can do about the bad drivers all around you, there are some things that you can actually do that can help keep you safe when you are driving on the North Carolina roadways.

The Farm Bureau Financial Services recommend that you plan ahead before taking your farm equipment out on the road. They suggest avoiding driving at busy times and to make sure your farm equipment is in good working condition, specifically your lights, before driving off. You should also check the loads you are carrying to make sure they are secure and balanced

You should follow all road laws and avoid traveling on restricted roadways. Make sure you obey all traffic signals and signs. Make sure you are always use your turning signals, that you are sharing the road and that you are paying attention to roads with soft shoulders or narrow roads. You should always communicate with other drivers whenever are maneuvering on a tricky roadway to ensure they are on the same page as you and know what you are doing.

Know the roads you plan to travel on. If you have never taken a specific piece of equipment on the road, make sure that you recognize that it will drive differently than other vehicles and make allowances for that.

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