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On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Distracted Driving, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you spend large amounts of time driving for your job or you just jump behind the wheel to get yourself to and from work or running daily errands, it is very important to be aware of distracted driving. We believe that most people realize just how dangerous cell phones are, and how big of a distraction they are when you are driving, but there are many other risks that need to be considered when driving along with many behaviors that need to be avoided.

What you also need to remember is that even when you are doing your part to avoid distracted driving, there are other drivers on the road who are not as responsible as you and those drivers present a serious threat to causing an accident.


If you visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation website, you will see that they offer tips for drivers to avoid distractions from both inside and outside the car. According to the NCDOT site, aside from talking or texting while driving, drivers should also avoid eating, programming the radio station and grooming (applying make-up, etc.) while driving. If you have a passenger, the NCDOT suggests you designate them your “co-pilot” to help you with GPS and radio adjustments, checking maps and helping with pets and/or children preventing distractions. Whether you have a “co-pilot” or not, parents should be alert and remember that children can be a distraction – and being aware of things to do to prevent distractions ahead of time is beneficial.


The distracted driving portion of the NCDOT site also notes various distractions from outside of the car such as roadside activities, such as other accidents, and signs that may draw your attention from the road. People talking outside or riding in cars beside you can also be a distraction causing some people to lose their focus. It is important to avoid any type of distraction that interferes with your ability to focus on the and drive with caution.

During Distracted Driving Awareness month, we want to remind everyone that distracted drivers are more likely to have slower reactions than someone who is focused on the road. If you are inattentive, you are more likely to miss hazards and less likely to evade an accident.