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On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

The importance of speaking to witnesses after your car accident

A car accident can be a terrifying experience for anyone. The aftermath of the accident can be hard to deal with and often times very little thought is given to the bystanders who actually witnessed the car accident.

As car accident attorneys we have seen our fair share of automobile accidents and we have first-hand knowledge of the dangers that are present after a car accident. So, because of this, the first thing you should do after the car accident is to assess your injuries and get to safety as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve done that, there are some other things we advise drivers do to protect yourself legally, such as take photos, document the scene, and write down what you remember about the accident while it is still fresh in your mind.

And, no matter who you think is at fault, we strongly advise you speak with any witnesses to hear their side of the story.

In some cases, the other person involved in the accident – the person who may be responsible for the accident – may “charm” witnesses into believing their side of the story.

Because of this, we strongly advise that you listen to all car accident witness statements as soon as possible.

We do not condone or advise you to attempt to influence a witness into falsely corroborating your claims, we simply say that you should speak to any witnesses and simply be to collect information. This could be information about the accident as well as their contact information in case your attorney has any additional questions for them.

Someone who claims to have been a witness to a car accident is usually a reliable source of information. They may have seen things you did not, or things you may have forgotten about, due to the commotion during and after the accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident due to the fault of another, we strongly advise you to speak with a reputable car accident attorney.

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