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On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Negligence

A multiple impact car accident involves a crash that has more than one impact. The most common type of multiple impact car accident is a “pile-up” accident. These types of accidents get their name from the piling up of vehicles following the initial crash. In pile-up accidents there are multiple impacts that can cause vehicle damage and result in injury.

Pile-up car accidents often happen on highways where people are traveling at higher rates of speed. Once the initial collision occurs, the vehicles that are following in the same lane may be unable to slow down and avoid the first crash. As a result, a second, third or even fourth or fifth impact may occur directly behind the vehicles involved in the initial crash.

In a typical “pile-up” accident the additional impacts are usually caused by drivers who are: 1) traveling too fast for the road conditions; 2) traveling too close to the car in front of them; 3) not paying attention, are distracted and are unable to brake in time; or 4) a combination of all three.

In most every pile-up accident, there is a dispute as to which impact caused the harm and injuries. Since these impacts usually involve multiple drivers with different insurance carriers, each driver’s insurance company is likely to place blame on the other. As a result, these types of cases can be hard to resolve and the insurance companies argue between themselves trying to decide what, if any, of the injuries they caused and how much they are responsible for.

The good news is multiple impact accidents may have multiple insurance policies that you or your loved ones can recover. Instead of being limited to one insurance policy with a limited amount of coverage, you now may have the chance to look to other insurance policies. These added policies could increase the total amount of coverage and offer a greater chance of having a higher policy that will adequately cover your injuries.

These accidents present challenging situations which is why you will need an experience personal injury law firm representing you in this situation. If you or a loved one was involved in a pile-up car accident, contact one of our Greenville, NC car accident attorneys today. Our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented clients harmed in pile-up accidents. Our attorneys are available now to discuss your case at no charge, consultations are free.