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How does someone file a slip-and-fall claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2021 | Premises Liability

Some people think of slip-and-fall accidents as something that happens in cold places, like Minnesota. However, you don’t need multiple inches of standing snow or freezing rain on the sidewalks for someone to suffer a severe slip and fall. People in North Carolina do get hurt because they slip unnecessarily due to unsafe property conditions.

If you slip and fall in a business or an apartment complex, you can potentially file a claim for any losses you suffer due to your injuries. What does a slip-and-fall claim involve?

Immediately report that you fell

Before you leave the grocery store or exit the apartment building, you should attempt to contact someone about your fall. In a retail facility, this will be a simple process. It may take more work if you are at an apartment building or similar facility. Notifying someone in a position of authority about the fact that you fell will result in an internal report.

Use your phone if you didn’t break it

Unfortunately, many people smash their phones when they fall, adding to their total losses suffered. If you did not smash your phone when you fell, it can be an important tool right after the incident. You can get a video of the wrinkled carpet, peeling linoleum or standing puddle of water that caused you to fall. That documentation can play a crucial role in your claim later.

Seek medical evaluation

Whether you hit your head or broke your arm, you need to see a doctor sooner rather than later. A timely medical visit will provide you with proof that you got hurt and directly connect those injuries to the incident on someone else’s property.

Get help, especially if you have to push for compensation

Sometimes, a property owner, business manager or insurance adjuster recognizes the clear fault involved in the situation and wants to do right by the person who got hurt. However, many times, those who get hurt on someone else’s property will have to fight for reimbursement for their losses.

You may need assistance with negotiations and learning about the rules that apply to your claim. For example, you may only have three years to initiate a lawsuit, and if you wait too long because of negotiations, you could lose your right to take the case to court.

Look into insurance

If you fall in a business, they likely have a premises liability or general liability insurance policy that could reimburse you. A business may provide you with insurance information, as might a property manager at an insurance company.

Taking the right steps after a slip-and-fall can help ensure that you get the compensation you need for lost wages and medical bills.