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Winter safety tips for North Carolina motorcyclists, bicyclists

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Safety Tips

Winters in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina are cool and temperate compared with many of the states to the north. And with such tolerable winter weather, motorcyclists and bicyclists typically enjoy these activities year-round.

Granted, the weather still gets a bit chilly with average lows in the 30s, but experienced bikers and cyclists usually know about the challenges they face – and not only related to the weather. Safety matters always should come to the forefront for people who ride any of these two-wheeled vehicles.

Dress warmly, remain visible

Winter safety tips for any motorcyclist or bicyclist should include:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition: By giving them thorough check-ups, you will start off right on safety matters.
  • Effective use of lights: During winter, the sun is lower on the horizon, resulting in more twilight during the morning and evening. As a result, it will be difficult for motor vehicle drivers to see you. Bicycles should have front and rear lights. Motorcycles are always required to have their lights turned on.
  • Be visible in other ways: Wear bright or reflective clothing so drivers can better see you.
  • Dress warmly by layering: Dressing in layers will give cyclists a more comfortable experience. They should consider wearing a vest with pockets, leg warmers, warm socks, tights and gloves along with a cap underneath their helmets. Motorcyclists often have a better understanding of the weather due to wind chill factors that surface when riding on highways.
  • Be aware of other drivers: Some motor vehicle drivers are careless no matter what season. Continue to remain vigilant and anticipate what these drivers do. Doing so may save your life. Subscribe to defensive driving.
  • Follow traffic laws: Mistakes on the road may lead to a collision and a few traffic tickets. You want neither.

Following these guidelines will make your time on the road not only safer, but more enjoyable.

Safety no matter what season

Many people in the region enjoy motorcycling and bicycling during all four seasons. Focusing on safety continues to be crucial no matter what time of year. Doing so just may save your life.