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Who is at fault in a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Truck Accidents

When you’re hit by a truck, you probably know that the other party is at fault. What you may not know is who will be responsible for covering the cost of care associated with your injuries. You may not be sure who will be liable for your lost wages or other financially losses, either.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, there are a few people who could be responsible for a truck accident claim, such as the truck driver, a mechanic who made an error leading to a crash or the driver’s employer. To get compensated, you will need to show that the other driver was responsible for causing the collision.

How do you determine fault in a truck crash?

Proving who’s at fault is sometimes difficult. To start with, you’ll look at the circumstances surrounding the crash. For example, did the truck driver go out of their lane, or were they speeding? Was alcohol impairment a factor in the crash, or did the driver fall asleep behind the wheel? All of these are good questions to ask.

Determining who is at fault takes some investigating. You may need to talk to witnesses to get their statements and opinions. You may want to have photos of the crash scene or need to write down what you remember happening prior to the collision. If you have a dash cam, the video may also help show who’s responsible for the collision.

Who makes the final determination of fault?

Interestingly, the insurance company is responsible for making the final decision on who’s at fault in a truck crash. For that reason, it’s important that you have supporting evidence to show that you were not at fault just as you’d like to have evidence to show that the driver is.

The right evidence and support makes a difference in your case

Witness statements, videos, photos and other information can all help you build a strong case against the other driver. With the right support and attention to your case, you may be able to seek compensation and get the support you need as you focus on your recovery.