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Distractions Are Everywhere; We Are Here To Help

Driving has become one of the most, if not the most, important resources in today’s society. With work, school, errands and emergencies, being able to travel from one destination to another in a short amount of time is almost a requirement for us to manage day-to-day activities effectively. With that said, you can conclude that driving is very popular, and with a simple glance toward the roadways during a busy weekday, you will see for yourself.

Negligent Distracted Drivers Cause Accidents And Do Harm

The result of distracted driving accidents can be tragic with even the smallest action by a negligent driver having serious and quite devastating consequences. If you’ve been injured by the negligence of a distracted driver, you need to call Hardee, Massey & Blodgett, LLP, to speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.

It becomes unsettling when you realize just how many drivers are distracted while driving all around you, and there is a good chance that people who consider themselves safe drivers are guilty of the distracted driving tool. Some people may say, “I never use my cellphone while driving!” But there are other distractions that they may not consider dangerous.Drivers could be distracted by not only their phone but also by loud music or squealing children – but they keep driving as if nothing is wrong, not even thinking about the other motorist, cyclist or pedestrian who is in their path. They may be driving at full speed, with these distractions, the very moment of the accident, having catastrophic results.

Types Of Distracted Driving

Visual distractions – an object, a person or an event that is outside of the vehicle and takes your eyes off the road

Cognitive distractions – emotions, thinking or stress, something that takes your mind off the road

Manual distractions – cellphone use, eating or putting on makeup, things that take your hands off the wheel

Distracted Driving Examples

Our world is full of distractions, and when we are in our cars, these distractions become even more dangerous. A drive in Greenville or anywhere else in eastern North Carolina could be distracted by any of the following things:

  • Texting while driving
  • Programming or reading a device such as a GPS
  • Using apps on our smartphone
  • Watching a video on a phone, tablet or laptop
  • Adjusting the radio or using your MP3 player
  • Putting on your makeup or brushing your hair
  • Eating or drinking
  • Conversations with passengers
  • Talking to or disciplining children in the car
  • “Rubbernecking” to look at another accident
  • Reading a map or looking for directions

It is important to take the proper steps to report an accident, no matter what the cause of the accident. You need to make sure you are documenting the incident and seeking any medical attention you may need.
Once the accident has been reported, you should immediately contact a car accident attorney and NEVER speak to the insurance company without seeking legal advice. Insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart; they will offer a settlement very early on in the process and will use high-pressure tactics to try to get you to accept a low offer.

Should I Retain A Personal Injury Lawyer To Represent Me In North Carolina?

In the state of North Carolina, personal injury law acknowledges the principle of contributory negligence, which bans recovery by a plaintiff if they assume any fault for the accident causing their injury. As a result, it is imperative that you have an attorney protecting your rights and advocating for you.

On the other hand, most states in the United States operate under the principle of comparable negligence. Under this type of system, the amount of financial damages is reduced comparably to a plaintiff’s level of fault.

A Free Consultation Is Available To You Today

People are victims to distracted driving accidents every day, and they need someone to help them. At Hardee, Massey & Blodgett, LLP, we have the resources to investigate the case, search for a cause, question witnesses and obtain cellphone records of the negligent party in order to solidify evidence. We are experienced in fighting distracted drivers and their insurance companies, but we are also known for our compassionate guidance during difficult times.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a distracted driving accident, Hardee, Massey & Blodgett offers a completely free consultation and case evaluation. We will sit down with you, hear the details of your case, inform you of your rights and then present you with possible courses of action. Call us today at 252-787-4632.

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