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Injured In A Truck Accident?

An accident involving a semi truck can cause serious or catastrophic injury. Large trucks can cause major destruction to smaller vehicles and motorcycles, with the outcome of an accident being life-altering for the other passengers involved. And, making matters worse, such an accident may have been preventable – for example, the truck driver may have been driving as far as possible with disregard to the laws that govern their time behind the wheel, making them drowsy.

The team of attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett will work to help you get the compensation you deserve for the accident caused at the hands of a careless tractor-trailer driver.

Common Injuries From Truck Accidents

If you have suffered from any of the following, we can help:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limb
  • Tissue or organ damage
  • Cuts, bruising or lacerations
  • Back or neck injuries
  • Wrongful death

If you’ve been injured due to a truck driver’s negligence, you need to contact an experienced truck wreck attorney. The lawyers at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett, LLP, have the resources, including investigators and accident reconstruction experts, available to handle the most complicated truck driving cases.

Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents

When injured in a trucking accident, you need to hire an attorney immediately. You need someone to begin investigating the accident right away. The trucking companies will have very powerful corporations and insurance companies looking out for them. They will work quickly to minimize or deny their responsibility for the accident. They may contact you and try to offer a quick settlement. You need an experienced attorney who knows their strategies and will not back down from these powerful companies. Common types of negligence that cause truck accidents are:

Accident Statistics In North Carolina

North Carolina sees thousands of motor vehicle accidents a year. In 2021, 276,026 traffic crashes were reported statewide. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles outlines the traffic crash statistics for 2021, including:

  • 11,419 truck accidents statewide
  • 103 truck accidents were fatal
  • Greenville saw 3,494 accidents
  • 4,312 accidents resulted from following too close
  • 9,597 accidents resulted from improper turns
  • 14,941 accidents resulted from improper lane changes

In a state with so many drivers, it is not surprising that many accidents occur. When the worst happens, it is important to be prepared and know the next steps you should take. Hardee, Massey & Blodgett can guide you through the next steps to recover from your accident.

Insurance Policies In North Carolina

All vehicles in North Carolina are subject to insurance coverage to cover damages caused by an accident. The minimum insurance coverage for private vehicles in North Carolina is $30,000 bodily injury coverage per person and $25,000 property damage insurance to pay for vehicles damaged in the crash. Large vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating above 10,000 pounds, like big semi-truck rigs, are required by federal and state law to have at least $750,000 in insurance coverage.

To get that coverage to cover your medical expenses, you’ll need to show that the truck driver or related parties were negligent in operating the vehicle that caused the crash. Our team of attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett, LLP, can help you determine that liability and help you fight to get the coverage and reimbursement you need for your injuries.

Protect Yourself: Avoiding Truck Accidents

Often, an accident is unavoidable. Many factors are out of your control when you encounter a large truck. However, when sharing the road with a truck, you can take steps to avoid catastrophic truck accidents.

Avoid Cutting Off Trucks

When passing a truck on the road, ensure enough stopping distance between you and the car before you move back to your lane. Remember, the larger the vehicle, the more time it takes to stop.

No Tailgating

Tailgating is always dangerous, but it can be even more disastrous if you follow a truck too closely, especially when a truck could roll back, such as on an upward slope or at a stoplight. Following too closely also puts you in the truck’s blind spot, which is much larger than that of a passenger car.

Give Enough Turning Room

A tractor-trailer requires a turning radius of 55 feet. The cab must swing wide for the trailer to go where it needs to. You should always stay back when stopped at an intersection to allow adequate turning room.

Stay Out Of The ‘No Zones’

Large vehicles, including trucks, have blind spots on all sides of the vehicle. Remember this trick: If you cannot see the truck driver in their vehicle side mirror, it can be assumed that the driver can’t see you. Never drive in their blind spots. Slow down or move ahead to stay visible, and always take care when merging into their lane.

Frequently Asked Trucking Accident Questions

If you are injured in a truck accident in North Carolina, you may want to address some concerns before you begin pursuing compensation. Our experienced attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett, LLP are here to help you with detailed questions, and in the meantime, please see our answers to some frequently asked questions below.

What Steps Should I Take After A Truck Accident?

The first thing you should do after suffering in a truck accident is to seek medical attention for any injuries sustained in the accident. The next is to report the accident to your insurance company with as many details as possible. Be sure to take photos and write down any information that may be relevant to your claim. Once your immediate injuries have been treated, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case and start moving forward.

Who Can I Sue After A Truck Accident?

Several parties may be held liable for causing injuries in a truck accident. This includes the truck driver, the company that employed the driver, the truck owner, and anyone else who was partially at fault.

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit?

In North Carolina, you have three years from the date of your accident to file a suit or take legal action. However, this does not mean it’s a smart idea to wait. The longer you wait to act, the more challenging your case may be. Your best option is to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered From A Truck Accident?

If you are injured in a truck accident, you may be able to seek compensation for immediate and future medical expenses, lost wages, future earnings, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life and other damages.

Truck Accident Injury Advocates

When there is a truck accident, drivers are not the only at-fault parties. Truck owners, loading companies and personnel who maintain the vehicles may also be responsible, making it difficult to determine liability. Our injury attorneys are well-trained and dedicated to pursuing the best possible outcome of your truck accident case. Our team works hard to provide clients injured from a tractor-trailer accident with aggressive legal representation.

Put us to work for you; we are committed to holding the at-fault truck driver or other party responsible for their negligent actions and to helping you maximize the compensation you deserve. Call us to discuss your truck accident case at 252-787-4627. We’re available any time to discuss your case. Don’t wait; contact the truck accident attorneys at Hardee, Massey & Blodgett, LLP, today.