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Why you can’t delay medical care after a car crash

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Car Accidents

While you didn’t plan to get into a car crash, it will absolutely take over the rest of your day when you experience one. You have to wait for the police to arrive and to document the scene of the crash. You may have to wait some time for a tow truck if there is heavy demand or you are in a particularly rural area.

When you finally get back on your way again, the last thing you probably want is another multi-hour stop before you reach your destination. Whether you are near your primary care physician’s office and can stop in for an unscheduled visit or would need to go to a local urgent care facility for evaluation, it may seem like a waste of time.

Anytime you get into a crash, especially if your vehicle suffered noteworthy damage, it may be worthwhile to seek a medical evaluation.

Timing is everything for some serious injuries

Did you know that the force of the collision could make your seatbelt dangerous to you? The pressure on your abdomen could easily cause internal bleeding. If you don’t seek medical care quickly, the bleeding can get worse and may even require hospitalization.

You could also suffer a traumatic brain injury without noticing any symptoms on the day you get hurt. By the time you realize that you need medical care, your injuries may have gotten worse. The sooner you see a doctor and explain to them about the crash, the more quickly you can receive an accurate diagnosis for an invisible, internal injury.

Timing is also key for insurance benefits

Car insurance can protect you from the medical costs caused by a car crash. However, the longer you take to report the injuries and file the claim, the more skeptical the insurance adjuster may be when you submit your claim.

If it has been two or three weeks since the crash, they might try to deny you coverage by claiming you could have gotten hurt somewhere else since the collision. When you see a doctor shortly after a crash, you help protect your right to seek compensation from the driver at fault.

Although it may mean another hour or two of inconvenience, the protection offered by seeing a medical professional is valuable. Knowing what steps to take after a car crash can help you protect yourself financially and medically.