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Could a springtime ride on a bicycle lead to a serious crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

An increase in temperatures and more sunshine may inspire people to become more active. As winter transitions into the spring, outdoor exercise and activities become far more appealing. Many people, including children, may decide to get their bicycles out for the first time in months during the spring.

Unfortunately, they may encounter serious risks on the road, as drivers could potentially cause a collision. Cyclists and loved ones of those who regularly ride bikes may need to brush up on the risks inherent in cycling on the road to optimize personal safety.

What safety issues should cyclists consider before heading out in the spring?

Bike maintenance

The longer a bicycle has been in storage, the more likely it is to have some maintenance needs. There are small adjustments and repairs that someone may need to make before heading out on public roads. Additionally, people may need to inspect their safety gear. Helmets may require replacements if they have aged or if a child has grown. Proper bike and equipment maintenance is crucial for personal safety.

Driver negligence

Unfortunately, when cyclists have not been on the road recently, drivers may fail to notice them in traffic. Most motorists overlook even highly-visible bicycles unless they make a point of looking for them. Spring changes in foliage could also potentially lead to driver distraction that could contribute to a crash.

Springtime road hazards

There are many risks on the road during the transition from winter to summer. Animals are far more active. Even small animals, like rabbits, can pose a deadly risk for bicyclists. Striking an animal could throw someone into traffic and lead to severe injuries. Beyond that, there could be issues with the road itself due to fluctuations in temperature. Cracks in the pavement or potholes can develop as temperatures shift. Wet pavement is also a concern. Anyone biking during a rainstorm needs to know how to stay safe. Even if cyclists stay off the road during times of active rainfall, they could be at elevated risk of the crash when the pavement is wet after a storm.

If a bicycle-vehicle collision occurs, a cyclist may need to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. Avoiding a bicycle crash is usually a better option than seeking compensation for the damages that a crash causes, although cyclists are not often given a choice in this regard.