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The importance of reading one’s crash report

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Car Accidents

Someone who has lived through an accident likely has memories of what exactly transpired unless they suffered a head injury. Therefore, reviewing the crash report authored by a police officer who showed up well after the collision may not seem necessary at first. Someone attempting to secure compensation after a wreck already knows what happened.

However, if there is any degree of conflict impeding someone from getting the compensation they require after a collision, the police report could end up being an important resource. Individuals involved in a collision typically have the right to request a copy of the police report. They can secure the document from the local police department or the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

The information in the report can help someone determine what steps to make next in the pursuit of appropriate compensation. How does someone go about reading a police report?

Focus on the main details

Police reports are typically multi-page documents that go into great depth about every aspect of a collision. Officers must gather specific information for the purposes of crash analysis later. A standard crash report describes the scene of the crash, notes the make/model of the vehicles and includes identifying information about the motorists.

Statements from each driver regarding their actions during the crash are among the more important details for people to focus on when reviewing a crash report. Those details may either accurately reflect the situation or constitute a misrepresentation of the circumstances. Drivers who know they are at fault for a crash may lie, making their version of events seem strange to the other party involved.

Know when to get outside support

The details about what occurred during and immediately before a crash typically influence who the courts or insurance companies claim was at fault for the crash. When the other driver tries to blame someone who didn’t cause the crash, their allegations could prevent someone from pursuing compensation.

If the police report appears to include inaccurate information or if someone has a hard time understanding the information within it, then they may require help. Going over a crash report with an attorney can be a very useful step. A lawyer can help so many evaluate whether they have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and could also help someone determine how to approach the process.

Obtaining a copy of a crash report can help people understand the complications they may encounter when seeking compensation and may help them find a way to resolve the matter favorably.