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4 reasons vehicle-motorcycle accidents can be devastating for riders

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

Sharing the road comes with a responsibility to be aware of all vehicles, although motorcycle riders face a unique vulnerability in collisions with cars and trucks. While safety gear can mitigate some injuries, the very nature of motorcycles leaves riders exposed in a way that car occupants are not.

This inherent lack of protection is a major reason why vehicle-motorcycle accidents are so devastating for riders. If you’re a rider, it can help to be aware of the key factors that contribute to the severity of these accidents.

Minimal protection for riders

Unlike the metal shell surrounding car occupants, motorcyclists have little to shield them from the force of a crash. While helmets significantly reduce head injuries, they can’t protect the rest of the body. Leathers and other protective gear also offer some defense against abrasions, but they are no match for the impact of a collision with a much larger vehicle. This lack of substantial protection translates to a higher likelihood of catastrophic injuries for riders, even in seemingly minor accidents.

Transfer of force

In a car accident, crumple zones absorb the impact, minimizing the force transferred to passengers. Motorcycles lack this crucial safety feature. The force of a collision is directly transmitted to the rider, putting immense strain on bones, muscles and internal organs. This can lead to broken bones, internal bleeding and severe organ damage. All this can contribute to the devastating consequences of these accidents.

Ejection and underride

A motorcycle accident can easily eject the rider, throwing them onto the pavement or into the path of oncoming traffic. This significantly increases the risk of further injuries and fatalities. Additionally, due to the lower profile of motorcycles, there’s a chance of a rider and their bike going unnoticed by oncoming vehicles, resulting in a horrific underride situation where the motorcycle and rider get crushed beneath a car or truck.

Invisibility factor

Motorcycle riders can be easily overlooked by car and truck drivers due to their smaller size, especially in blind spots. A car driver might simply not see a motorcycle or misjudge its distance and speed. This can lead to a collision with potentially devastating consequences for the rider.

While the risks of riding are undeniable, motorcycle safety starts with both riders and car drivers sharing the responsibility. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that despite taking necessary precautions, bikers can still be involved in collisions due to reckless driver behavior. Should this happen to you, you can benefit from personal legal guidance as you pursue compensation for your injuries.