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What happens after a crash in a parking ramp?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

Parking ramps make excellent sense from a municipal planning perspective when compared with surface-level parking lots. They take vehicle storage, which drastically increases the amount of space of business may require, and compact it substantially.

Having customers and workers park in a parking ramp is efficient. People have the added protection of their vehicles being indoors, meaning their wax jobs won’t end up sullied by rainfall right after a car wash. Any place where there are many vehicles close together, especially when people coming and going may feel stressed or distracted, the possibility of a crash exists.

Despite people assuming that parking facilities are generally safe, they see a significant number of major crashes and even deadly collisions involving pedestrians. What happens after a parking ramp collision in North Carolina?

The same laws apply in parking ramps as on the road

While you may not be on a public road, you still have to drive safely and follow traffic laws. Generally speaking, drivers and pedestrians need to display the same degree of care when navigating a parking ramp as they would out on the open road. If anything, so many vehicles and pedestrians in a small space increase the risk of a crash occurring.

Drivers and pedestrians should watch for other people and vehicles nearby and comply with all lights and signage. If a driver hits another vehicle or a pedestrian, standard liability rules apply. The driver who is at fault typically has to provide insurance coverage for the crash.

Why claims can be different in a parking lamp scenario

Unfortunately, insurance companies will often look for any excuse to deny a claim or minimize what they pay. Trying to blame a pedestrian for a crash in a parking ramp or fighting to minimize what they pay for a crash because they assume injuries and property damage will be minor are both common insurance company moves following parking ramp collisions.

Those who suffered significant injuries or who need to repair their vehicles may require professional help if they want the insurance company to take them seriously and compensate them appropriately. Recognizing where you may have risk of getting hurt in a car crash, like a parking ramp, will help you better protect yourself.