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Universities see drunk driving crashes spike when class resumes

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Car Accidents

Drunk driving is a major safety risk for anyone on the road, and crashes can occur even in the early morning hours and in the middle of the week. Yet, it is well understood that there are certain times when the risk of a drunk driving crash is higher than it is more generally.

The weekends directly around major holidays frequently experience a marked increase in drunk driving crashes, for example. The surge in wrecks largely relates to celebrations and social events where people consume alcohol. Therefore, it is reasonable for universities and the communities near them to anticipate an increase in drunk driving activity in the weeks following the resumption of class each fall. Both returning students and incoming freshmen may make poor decisions that end up causing significant harm to others.

Experimenting with alcohol can be dangerous

Young adults often have a hard time considering the long-term consequences of their actions when making choices, which may lead to very tragic and unnecessary outcomes. Choosing to drive home after attending a party where someone consumes alcohol is a perfect example.

Young adults might assume that if they only have to travel a few blocks to get back to campus, they can do so safely. However, the statistics about college-age drunk driving collisions say otherwise. Those who have had too much to drink, especially when they are relatively new drivers, can very easily cause collisions even when traveling short distances. Other people may end up suffering major injuries or even losing a loved one because a young adult made a bad decision due to peer pressure at a college party.

Drunk driving leads to financial liability

Those who choose to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink must accept some of the risk that comes with that choice. Specifically, they might find themselves legally and financially liable for any damages they cause to others.

Those harmed by a drunk driving crash may be able to file an insurance claim or may need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Serious injuries and deaths often have costs that will likely far exceed what insurance will cover, making litigation necessary. Seeking justice after a drunk driving crash caused by a college student may require careful evaluation and an exploration of options so that those affected by a crash can more fully recoup their losses.