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Some North Carolina locations are more prone to semi-truck wrecks

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions, including semi-truck crashes, can potentially happen anywhere. A semi-truck driver could experience a blowout on a back road and end up colliding with a farmer’s tractor. They could also lose control on the on-ramp of a major highway, leading to a rollover incident that shuts down an on-ramp for hours. Sometimes, semi-trucks that lose control end up colliding with smaller passenger vehicles.

Semi-truck collisions with passenger vehicles are often far more severe than crashes that occur between two passenger vehicles. Those driving passenger vehicles typically need to keep a close eye out for larger vehicles that pose an outsized risk in traffic. There are certain locations in North Carolina where the possibility of a crash with a semi-truck is a bigger safety concern for those in passenger vehicles.

Where do semi-truck crashes tend to occur the most?

Expressways or freeways with higher speed limits are popular routes for commercial drivers, as they often feel the pressure of a very demanding schedule. Higher speed limits and more direct routes are beneficial for those who can only drive a certain number of hours and need to deliver goods or products to a client.

Operating commercial trucks at higher speeds and in more dense traffic conditions can significantly increase the risk of a wreck, which is likely to have worse consequences for the people in the smaller vehicle than the person operating the commercial truck. Particularly when the weather is bad or traffic is unusually heavy, drivers may want to avoid roads with a known history of serious semi-truck collisions.

Some of the more dangerous routes include I-95, which connects Wilson to Fayetteville. This interstate sees many semi-truck crashes, including a January 2024 rollover incident involving 40,000 pounds of bananas.  I-40 also has a reputation for being the scene of relatively severe semi-truck crashes. Any interstate, highway or high-speed rural route could be a dangerous place to drive because of the risk of a semi-truck wreck.

While North Carolina drivers don’t necessarily need to avoid interstates and freeways, being aware of the enhanced risk at certain locations might help them reduce their chances of a preventable collision.