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Most people can’t handle a semi-truck insurance claim alone

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Certain North Carolina car wrecks are far worse than others. They put people in the hospital, total vehicles or lead to someone dying. High-speed collisions and crashes involving impaired drivers are often some of the worst traffic incidents reported. Wrecks that involve passenger vehicles colliding with semi-trucks also tend to be more extreme than the average crash.

When a semi-truck operator is the party at fault for the crash, the driver of the other vehicle may need to file an insurance claim. Years of advertising saturation have given many people the false impression that insurance companies are always friendly and happy to work with those filing large claims. That expectation could put someone at a disadvantage when they need liability coverage after a catastrophic collision.

Those who attempt to handle an insurance claim after a semi-truck causes a wreck may quickly learn that it is much harder than people realize to get a fair settlement after a catastrophic collision.

Commercial crash claims are often incredibly complex

Large commercial crashes can have major implications for everyone involved. Commercial drivers who cause crashes could be at risk of losing their eligibility for their commercial driver’s license. Transportation companies facing insurance claims could see a marked increase in their operating expenses.

The insurance company providing coverage for the transportation company also has reason to worry about the massive financial liability of a commercial claim. Federal regulations for semi-trucks require at least $750,000 of his liability insurance. Therefore, a claim involving catastrophic injury or death could mean a six-figure loss for the insurance company.

Often, the professionals representing the insurance company are very assertive when negotiating a claim after a semi-truck crash. They may attempt various different aggressive negotiation tactics in an effort to mitigate the company’s financial liability. They may try to trick someone into giving up or saying the wrong thing on record. The average person likely does not have the composure or negotiation experience necessary to hold their own against insurance professionals.

Especially when recovering from injuries or helping support an injured loved one, people may struggle to handle a semi-truck insurance claim without professional assistance. Getting adequate support can help people understand their rights and secure the compensation they deserve after a catastrophic crash.